Michael Barlow

Thank you for the mention of my Father Michael Barlow on your web site.

I am sad to say that he passed away last week Tuesday 17th July 2012.Was Dad the last of the crew members left behind?

He was deeply effected by the Affray all his life by feelings of sorrow and guilt that he survived and the person who took his place died leaving a widow a child. He told me that at the original memorial service he was asked to quieten down his sobbing. Do you know the name of the crew member who took over as Radar Operator?

(Ed - It was my father George David Cook)

I was thinking recently that if the broken snort mast was to blame for the disaster, surely Affray had the ability to surface quicker than it would have taken for her to have lost buoyancy and seeing as the mast was right on top she would have been alright provided she remained on the surface?

Best wishes

Philip Barlow

PS: In Dads papers was the Daily Express 18th April 1951