A/L.S.M. J.Miller


I believe we have something in common regarding the submarine HMS Affray. From the information gleaned on the internet I found you have lost a member of your family, your father. I lost a brother, James Miller.
I was thirteen at the time of the incident but I remember it vividly. His wife Winnie, was living atour house. She had come home, from Portsmouth, to give birth and had a son, David, at the time of the incident. She and I were at the cinema when we were made aware of what had happened. It was a dreadful time listening to the radio and waiting for telegrams, which were very curt and to the point. Somewhere, stashed away in our loft, I still have those telegrams.
I don`t know how old you was at the time so I am not aware if you have tried to find any information about what actually happened. I have tried over the years to find information through submarine books and the internet but could only find reference without much detail. I always put it down to the mystery that seemed to be attached to it all. For some reason my sister has brought it up again referring to the internet and now there is loads of info. to be had which I intend to go through. I have even found a photograph of a football team with James on it which we have never seen. It was taken in Gibraltar.
Thank you Kevin for giving me the opportunity to contact you on what we have in common.